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July 16, 2015

Ssssnakes Don’t Have To Be Ssssscary!

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It’s World Snake Day, so learn some interesting facts about our slithery friends.  They don’t have to be scary, and most of them are more scared of you than you are of them!  


July 8, 2015

Video Games Can Help Your Kids in School!

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It’s video games day.  Did you know that there can be a lot of benefits to playing some video games?  Video games can be used as educational tools, and here are 7 Ways Video Games will help your kids in school. 



July 1, 2015

What Makes Children Laugh?

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It’s international joke day!  So tell your kids some silly jokes.  But what does make your children laugh?  Read about the science of humor and laughter in this article about the developmental changes in children’s humor: http://www.laughterremedy.com/articles/child_makes_laugh.html

And here are some silly ideas to make your kids laugh!  http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/27677/kids-laugh



June 17, 2015

Get Your Kids To Love Veggies!

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It’s Eat Your Vegetables Day, so how about 3 helpful tips from OneHungryMama on how to get your kids to love vegetables outside of the kitchen?  Check out this great video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EXqFzazupU



June 10, 2015

Make delicious and healthy fruit popsicles!

Filed under: Family Activities,Parenting Tips — Erin @ 3:40 pm

It’s hot.  Instead of grabbing the ice cream or the sugar-y pops for your kids, how about a guilt-free refresher the whole family will love. 

These better-for-you popsicles are made with fresh fruit and way less sugar (not that the kiddos will notice).  Bonus: Each recipe is only 4 ingredients or less! 



June 9, 2015

Let Your Kids Get Bored This Summer!

Filed under: Family Activities,Parenting Tips — Erin @ 2:08 pm

We’ve all heard it from our kids.  They get bored during the summer.  And you know what?  That’s ok!  Let them imagine and create.  Bring out a bucket of legos, or build forts and slay imaginary dragons.  Or put together a book of jokes.  So many wonderful ideas and activities can come out of being bored.  And, it’s educational! 



June 4, 2015

Make a Splash This Summer

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Make a splash this summer with these 11 water based games and activities for kids!  Which is your favorite? 


May 29, 2015

Compost With Your Kids!

Filed under: Family Activities,Parenting Tips,Schools and Learning — Erin @ 10:03 am

Did you know that if you composted every day, you could reduce the amount of trash you make by 25%?!  That’s a lot of trash.  Learn more about composting with your kids here:  http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/children/composting-ideas-for-kids.htm



March 4, 2015

Empathy’s importance in development

Filed under: Family Activities,Parenting Tips — Erin @ 3:09 pm

Empathy is a critical component of your child’s development.  We’ve found an excellent article explaining the benefits of service learning and personal reflection activities for younger children.  Read More here: http://bit.ly/1GUawgg



August 24, 2010

Maintaining a Connection With Your Child’s Teacher


Image Courtesy of Teaching Resource Center

When I was in about third grade, I was surprised to discover that my teacher did not, in fact, live in the classroom – she actually had a house and family, and she went home every day.

A teacher is your partner in the education of your child. It’s also important to remember that your child’s teacher is a person first, and would appreciate a consistent connection with you throughout the school year!

Get Some Face Time

I have a friend who takes her kids to school each morning so that she can connect with her kids’ teachers. While I think this is great, I can barely drag myself from my bed to watch my kids at the bus stop, so this plan wouldn’t work for me.

This is fine, because I know teachers are busy people and there are other ways to get face time with your child’s teacher. Before the school year starts, take a field trip to the school with your kids and arrange to meet. This will help everyone involved feel more comfortable on the first day of school. Also, if dropping your kids off at school doesn’t work for you, what about popping in a couple of times a week to pick them up, checking in with the teacher while you’re there?

Although they don’t involve face to face interaction, here are more ways to connect with your child’s teacher on a regular basis:

  • Exchange email addresses – email is easier and faster than a phone call.
  • If you call, leave a detailed message.
  • Volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis.
  • Schedule an appointment if there’s an important issue you’d like to discuss.

Give the Best Information

Teaching is a highly demanding and stressful job, and teachers can use all the help they can get.

Sometimes the best help you can give a teacher is information. Be up front about behavioral or medical conditions, like asthma, allergies, ADHD, OCD, and Autism Spectrum disorder to name a few, along with any pertinent medications that your child must take while at school. Keep the teacher informed of family changes, like adoption, divorce or remarriage – this helps teachers watch out for any behavior changes.

Giving this information to your child’s teacher may feel uncomfortable, but it helps him/her give your child the attention he/she needs from the beginning of the school year. Teachers are also required to keep this information confidential.

Stay Involved

As a former elementary school teacher, I would give one piece of advice to parents – simply, do what you say you’re going to do. This doesn’t mean that you have to do a lot, or that you have to actually be inside the classroom to volunteer.

Here are a few ways to stay involved:

  • Complete volunteer tasks at home, like correcting spelling tests or cutting out shapes for a lesson.
  • Go to all-school or family-centered events, like Back to School night, conferences, Open House, harvest parties or carnivals.
  • Chaperone class fieldtrips.
  • Donate classroom supplies or prizes.

Show Appreciation

To teachers working on the front line, a thank you goes a long way, and there are several easy ways to show your appreciation!

  • Write a quick email once a week to share a joke, a funny story about your child, or to say thank you.
  • Give teachers and students a smile in the hallway.
  • Bring coffee – most teachers drink it and love free coffee drinks.
  • Acknowledge his/her birthday with a card from your family.
  • Observe Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week with cards small gifts, or gift certificates to a restaurant or a book store. Have your child fill out the card.

Consistent connections with your child’s teachers will benefit them, you and your child!

Author Byline

Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson is an editor with Teaching Resource Center, a Teacher Store providing teachers and classrooms with low-cost, high-quality Teacher Supplies.

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