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August 26, 2013

Zoodles to the Rescue! Five Stressful Moments When Kid Mode Has Your Back

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By Giselle Berwald

As parents, we know there are those inevitable moments in life when our toddler will have a meltdown, or our first-grader will be overtaken with boredom. Some of these moments are easy to avoid, but below are a few moments that we parents here at Zoodles didn’t see coming. So read on and be better-prepared than we were, just make sure to have your fully-charged phone with you at all times!

1. The Required Bathroom Stop
You try to avoid bathroom runs at all costs when you’re solo with your two-year-old son, but when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! Just when you’re seated and most vulnerable, he discovers that he can both peek and crawl under the stalls in public restrooms. Before your son can elicit a shriek from the lady seated next to you, turn on Kid Mode and entice him back with that familiar Zoodles jingle.

2. The DMV Drama
You responsibly scheduled an appointment to renew your driver’s license at the DMV, so you’ll surely be in and out in no time. But when a cranky octogenarian refuses to accept that she failed the driving test, you cringe at the parade of foul words headed straight for your child’s impressionable ears. Luckily, Kid Mode is just a few button taps away, where furry monsters who sing about eating their vegetables can drown out even the loudest potty mouths.

3. The Barista-in-training
You’re sure that you recited your drink order clearly to the cashier, yet for the second time this morning, the new barista has whipped up the wrong concoction. Your hungry child is starting to eye the sugar-laden treats in the glass case, and if you don’t distract her soon, the whole cafe is in for a high-wailing, arm-flailing performance. Hand her your phone in Kid Mode and you’re good for at least another five attempts at the correct order.

4. The Mandatory Toy Store Errand
You waited until the last minute to purchase a gift for your niece’s 4th birthday party. So with just hours to spare, you now must venture to the toy store with your own child in tow. Entering a toy store with a child who won’t be receiving anything himself may not have been the best parenting decision you’ve ever made, but there you (both) are. Just find a game in Kid Mode featuring your child’s favorite character and he’ll never even notice that, right next to him, there are thirty items featuring that friendly talking train.

5. Sibling Envy
You encourage your children to follow their interests and you like to sign them up for a variety of activities. But although your oldest claims to have no desire to practice that saxophone you bought him, he always has a sudden interest in shaking a maraca when his little sister is at toddler music class. And even though you bring glitter stickers to her brother’s rock-climbing camp, your toddler simply can’t grasp that scaling a wall dotted with bolted shapes will probably end in tears. You can always be sure that Zoodles has age appropriate games and videos that turn whines into smiles.

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