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March 12, 2013

Nine Great Music Apps for Kids

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By Rebecca Butler Global Content Manager

By Rebecca Butler, Global Content Manager

Looking for some new ways to hone your child’s musical ear? Check out these great apps that introduce the fundamentals of music as children play and create.

Ages 2 – 3


Wheels on the Bus

Your child will engage in musical exploration by singing along to music played on different instruments and by clicking on parts of the bus to make them move.


Sesame Songs

Your child will practice letter recognition and character development while listening to Sesame Street tunes sung by Elmo, Cookie Monster, and other familiar characters.


Baby Piano Lite

Your child practices a recognition of rhythm and learns three classic nursery rhymes while playing a piano. Children can follow along with the highlighted keys, play freely, and even record themselves!

Ages 4 – 6


Magical Music Box

Your child develops curiosity and exploration by cranking a box and listening to music play. The free version includes 8 instrumental songs and 3 themes, while the paid version includes 26 songs and 7 themes.


Kids Games

Your child will explore graphic design, number recognition, music and more by playing four games designed to target different learning skills.


Sight Words for Reading

Your child will practice common sight words while watching music videos. Words in the videos are introduced in context to help teach their meaning. Your child will also practice vocabulary skills with the help of a flash card quiz.

Ages 7 – 8


Sing Sing Story

Watch your child read or follow along as stories, chants, and songs are read and sung aloud. There are three stories available: “The Sun and the Wind,” “As Big as the Ox,” and “The Red Shoes.”


Little Piano Pro

Your child will play music on a miniature piano with 13 keys and 1 octave. The app features simple melodies like “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Old McDonald,” and more. There are over 20 melodies to learn and 7 additional instruments to play.


Juno JR Day the Music Stopped

Your child will follow Juno and her brother Rai Rai on a journey to Harmonia Springs, a 3D world where everything is made of music. Your child can read or follow along as a musical eBook reads out loud. There are interactive pictures, two short games, and music videos embedded into the story.

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