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September 8, 2010

Introducing a new mode for Android phones – Kid Mode

Every smart phone today has an “Airplane Mode” which puts the phone in a state that is safe to use while flying on a plane.  Think about that, your phone has a simple mode that makes it safe to use on an airplane!  Why doesn’t your phone come with more “modes”?!?

Well today Zoodles is launching an entirely new mode for Android phones and we are calling it “Kid Mode”.  With our FREE Kid Mode app (available now in the Android Market) children 8 and under will have access to hundreds of age appropriate games and videos while parents will be able to relax knowing that their kids will no longer accidentally make calls, send emails or delete apps.  This is an app that the whole family will really love!

So here is how it works:
The Zoodles Kid Mode app is a really smart app that adapts to the child using it.  Games and videos are shown to a child based on their age and other optional information provided by parents (such as reading ability).  In addition to adjusting to the age and skills of the child, Kid Mode adjusts to the capabilities of the phone it is being run on.  For instance, on an Android device without Flash, the Zoodles app will detect the missing software and remove games from the system that require Flash.

Here is a sample 4 year old experience where Kid Mode is filled with letter recognition games, counting activities, and interactive storybooks:


Here is a sample 7 year old experience where Kid Mode is filled with fun logic puzzles, language activities, and fraction games.


Here is what a Flash game looks like in Kid Mode:


Protecting your Android Phone:

The optional “Child Lock” feature of Kid Mode means you can hand your Android phone to your child without ever worrying about what they might accidentally do while on the phone (say good bye to random phone calls to the boss, erased emails and deleted apps).  To accomplish this we disable the built-in buttons on your phone, so your child can’t accidentally exit out while they’re playing.  While children can’t accidentally exit when our child lock is enabled parents will be able to exit easily by following on screen instructions that children can’t follow.

So head over to the Android Market on your phone and upgrade your phone with an entirely new mode – Kid Mode!

Finally, I want to say thanks to the team for working hard on this app and to all the kids who tested Kid Mode for us.


Mark Williamson
CEO & Co-founder of Zoodles

September 2, 2010

Get Zoodles at your local library!

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Zgisk_sealoodles recently won an award from the American Library Association for making Great Interactive Software for Kids.  This got us thinking… why not put Zoodles in libraries?

Kids spend a lot of times in libraries, especially after school when they’ve got a whole afternoon to burn before Mom or Dad gets home.  Why not give them a safe, fun learning alternative at the library too?

library Kids who don’t have computers at home will finally have access to all the great educational content that Zoodles has waiting for them, and parents can feel safe knowing that their kids are on a site they trust.

With these thoughts in mind, Zoodles is partnering with families and librarians nationwide to give kids a fun after-school learning activity at their local library.

To do this, we’re going to need your help.

As most of you know, we’re an insanely small team, so if you want Zoodles at your library, we’re asking that you serve as our spokesperson.  Talk to your friendly local librarian and tell them why Zoodles would be great for your community.

If you need some talking points, print out the flyer below and bring it along.  On the bottom of the flyer, there’s a small form that you can scan or mail back to us once Zoodles is set up at your library.  If we get a form back from you, both you and your participating library will get a year of free Premium!

Click here to get your flyer (and entry form)
library promo

We have no idea if this will work, but hey, let’s find out.  If you love Zoodles, maybe your library will too.

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