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August 17, 2010

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe

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lost child

Lost Child

Guest Blog by Tara Shaw

As a parent, you will quickly realize that you can’t protect your kids everywhere they go. This can be quite scary, especially as young children may find themselves in a dangerous situation without even realizing it. Kids and even teens are often oblivious to the risks, such as the potential of being assaulted, bullied, kidnapped, robbed, or otherwise harmed. How do you prepare them to escape such situations without causing them to fear for their safety every single day?

Today, more and more parents are asking this question. Here are a few techniques for you to use to keep your kids safe:

Teach them basic safety information

From a young age, children should know their own phone number and home address. If they are ever separated from you, this information can lead to a quick reunion. Your kids should also know how to reach you at all times, especially when you are at work. For emergencies, teach them how and when to call 911, and to seek out a trustworthy adult if they need help in a public place. These basics will allow your children to get help from adults during emergency situations.

Work on your child’s recognition of potential dangers

Most children are fairly trusting and naive. They may not realize that a stranger is trying to lure them away from their parents, only that the stranger has a puppy or a bag of candy. Teach them how to recognize that someone may not have the best intentions at heart. Of course, children must also know about appropriate touching from a young age. Kids of all ages should be taught when it’s okay not to follow an adult’s directions, even if that adult is an authority figure.

Children should know who to trust

If you’re like many parents, you caution your kids to avoid interacting with strangers, yet instruct them to find a trustworthy adult if they feel they are in danger. When is it okay for a stranger to talk to them? As a parent, you must walk a fine line when teaching your kids what kind of adult to seek out if they are in trouble. You may want to instruct them to look for police officers or security guards in uniforms, mothers with children, or store clerks.

Provide your child with the tools to fight back

While running away from potential dangers is often the best strategy for children, what should they do if it’s too late to run away? Instruct your kids to yell as loud as they can to get the attention of nearby adults. Your kids should also have personal alarms to help them summon help. Look for child alarms shaped like panda bears and other animals. Your teens may be responsible enough to carry a canister of pepper spray, a nonlethal self defense device that gives them several minutes to escape a dangerous situation.

Self defense methods and strategies must always take into account your child’s age and responsibility level.

As a parent it is your duty to prepare your children to protect themselves. Children do not always recognize when they are heading into a potentially dangerous situation, which can make your job tricky as a parent. All children must know that there are dangerous people out there in the world, even though you probably want to protect your kids from this fact for as long as possible. Despite this wish, it is important to provide your child the tools and knowledge necessary to keep them out of harm’s way.

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Tara Shaw

Tara was born in England and moved to USA in 1998. Together with her husband James she started the Resist Attack website in 2009 to make available a wide variety of personal safety products and to educate families on how to stay safe. So far they have published over 250 articles on the subject.

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