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May 12, 2010

Welcome to Zoodles…

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While Zoodles has been available for about year, today is a bit of a coming out party for us.  We have spent the last year largely “under the radar” working incredibly hard to build a great experience for children and parents.  We’ve been very lucky to have passionate parents who’ve taken the time to not only give us feedback on our product, but even bring their children into our offices and help us better understand how to make Zoodles better for kids!  This feedback has led us to develop many of the unique features we have today, such as:

  • Educational controls that allow parents to promote specific subjects (e.g. – Math or Reading) to their child
  • A violence filter that allows parents to control the amount of violence they are comfortable exposing their children to online
  • Our unique child interface that adapts to a child’s age and cognitive abilities

There are dozens of other changes we’ve made based on user feedback — in fact, in the last year, we’ve updated the service more than 250 times!

All of these iterations have brought us to the point where we are ready to “officially” announce the product and begin marketing Zoodles more broadly.  We are also excited to announce that we have been working with the great folks at Harrison Metal.  Michael & Erik from Harrison Metal have been great partners, and our new financing provides us the opportunity to accelerate user growth and hire more great engineers!

Finally, I want to thank our users for all the feedback that has helped shape our product.  Last year I noted that Zoodles won a prestigious NAPPA Gold Award and today I am excited to share that we have recently won two additional awards:

We have many exciting updates in the works, but there’s really no reason to wait… go ahead and get all of your relatives 8 years old and younger to try Zoodles.  I am certain they will have a lot of fun, and their parents will love it as well!

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