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May 26, 2010

One Month Ago, We Moved to Mountain View.
(We Were in Palo Alto Before, If You Didn’t Know.)

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Well, we’ve been a little bashful about sharing pictures of our new office, but now that we’ve had some time to clean it up and hide the power tools, we’re ready to share!

Let’s start from the very beginning…

Before finding our dream home in Mountain View, we spent a LONG time looking at other places…
Office attempt




… but none of them felt quite right.

Then we met 655 West Evelyn.


When we first walked in, we knew we had a project on our hands…





…but something about it just felt right.  So we talked, and we talked…

photo (4)

…and we decided to move in.

We proceeded to pick out paint colors, measure walls, and strip out wires…

photo (6)



…until the work was done.

And one month later, here we are, in our brand spankin’ presentable new office!

photo (12)

Relaxation Station

photo (10)

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month, but living in Mountain View has been incredible so far. Between the Subway across the street and the two hundred Thai restaurants along Castro, we couldn’t ask for a better place to be!

The location is especially superb because of its ridiculous proximity to Caltrain.  There it is, right outside our window.

photo (9)

Our beverages of choice have remained largely the same…

photo (2)

As have our spirits…

photo (8)

And our sense of humor…

photo (1)

In the end, we’re just glad that the world can finally share in the fruits of our labour.

But please don’t be deceived — moving wasn’t all a breeze.  As most of you know, moving can be a difficult transition for anyone in their lives.

For Zoodles, the move induced a Coke Zero drought that was extremely hard on all of us – Mark in particular.

He can be seen here drinking Diet Coke, a beverage that signifies struggle.

photo (7)

Luckily, we have now equipped ourselves with enough Coke Zero to last us a lifetime.  So the Zoodles team will soldier on, once in Palo Alto and now in Mountain View, working hard for families everywhere — and thanks to Coke Zero — making Zoodles all that it can be.

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