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April 8, 2010

Zoodles Recommends: 3 Fun iPad Apps for Kids (+ Adults!)

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Apple iPadThe iPad has arrived, and we here at Zoodles have been happily fiddling with our “family Pad” all week.  Are you as excited as we are?  Touch interfaces may be sexy for adults, but they are an insane game changer in the world of kids and education.  Until now, a lot of the motor skill constraints that toddlers face have kept them from benefiting from the great education technology already out there.  Apple’s iPad breaks that barrier, and it enables content developers to build unique experiences for kids that don’t require a mouse or a keyboard.

We took it upon ourselves (and it wasn’t exactly torture) to play a few of the early apps out there with this kind of potential, and see what ones were fun for kids and adults alike.  Here’s what we found.

Toy Story

It’s free, and it’s pretty stinkin’ cool. Disney Digital’s Toy Story takes stunning visuals straight from the movie, and narrates the story as your child follows along with the highlighted words.  During the best scenes, short clips of the movie play. The coolest part is that parents can record themselves reading the story!  Now when kids beg “Again?” after their bedtime story, you can save your singing voice.

Smule makes us think that the future of music will never be the same. This app, Magic Piano, lets kids and adults create music without having to read notes or properly “hold” an instrument. With this $3.99 purchase, your family can unlock a bundle of instruments that sound and look something like a piano, but play more like a game.  Oh, the joy of music without the pain of practice. :-)

DrawThe name says it all, but Draw creates much more than a drawing experience for kids.  The extra goodness thrown in — Tic Tac Toe, Dots, and a Word game — make the classics feel young again, and make plain ol’ paper seem like a downgrade!  Once the scribbles are down, Draw lets you Tweet, email, or save them into perpetuity.  It’s the refrigerator door that never runs out of magnets!

Let us know if you discover any other cool apps, and stay tuned for our next batch of recs!

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