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March 31, 2010

Celebrating National Nutrition Month!

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Picture 62Did you know that March was National Nutrition Month?  Thanks to recent efforts by the First Lady, health and nutrition have become major talking points in schools and homes around the country.  As one of the biggest advocates for improved fitness and nutrition education, Michelle Obama has inspired a wave of national health campaigns, including Let’s Move, Team Nutrition by the USDA, and Apps for Healthy Kids.

Apps for Health Kids

Apps for Healthy Kids is a fantastic competition that encourages content developers to make quality health games for kids.  We say, it’s about time!  The deadline to enter is June 30, and you can read more about the guidelines here.  If you do end up submitting something, be sure to let us know so we can feature your game!

Zoodles wanted to take part in the movement too, so throughout the month, we’ve been roaming the interwebs hunting for the best health games out there.  Everything good that we found was then served up to your unwitting children!  Hopefully they’ve been enjoying the *fruits* of our labor, and maybe even shared some of the things they’ve learned!  (For instance, did you know that lime jello doesn’t actually contain lime?  Of course you did.  But did your kids?  Hmm? Hmm?)

Well if you want a taste of what your kids have been playing, check out some of our favorite dishes:


If you thought this was cool, stay tuned for what happens in April. It’s National Poetry Month!

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