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August 3, 2009

How we (the Williamson Family) use Zoodles

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Every child and family are unique, but I thought it would be useful to share how Zoodles has become a part of our weekly routine in the Williamson household.  Abbie, our 5 year old daughter, like all children her age has a diverse set of interests.  She loves doing arts & crafts, playing outside, playing with her younger sister, swimming, watching TV, playing on the computer, etc.  Like all parents, Tara and I are constantly evaluating what activities are appropriate for a given situation.  There are specific situations where Zoodles is the perfect activity.

We have found that any time watching TV was a suitable option, Zoodles was typically a better option.  The television is a passive experience where children “lean back” and absorb the experience.  Abbie is intellectually much more engaged when she is on Zoodles and learning through playing games.  Prior to Zoodles, the internet simply wasn’t a replacement for “TV time” since the experience often resulted in her calling us over every 15 minutes with some technical problem (e.g. – pop-up windows, accidentally closing the browser, etc.) and we simply weren’t comfortable leaving her alone on the computer because she would invariably end up on some other site through clicking around and that made us nervous.  Zoodles solved both of these problems for us since the interface is made for children and the service controls what sites children are allowed to play with.

We have also found that Zoodles is a great “wind down” activity.  After a day full of activities (swim lessons, play date, etc.) Abbie can become pretty exhausted, we often find ourselves looking for an activity that Abbie can do on her own, at her own pace, that will allow her to “wind down” while giving Tara and I a chance to catch-up on the days tasks that we haven’t gotten to yet.  Any parent reading this will recognize this type of activity and the value of having a “go-to” activity at this point in the day.

Finally, we have found that Zoodles is a great way to find new topical areas for Abbie to explore.  Her interest in making charts and measuring objects was piqued after watching a great Sid the Science Kid video.  Seeing Abbie discover entirely new topics to explore is incredibly rewarding, and I will admit it was even more rewarding since in this instance it involved a topic I also love!

Every family is unique and I am certain that other parents have found completely different ways to use Zoodles in their home.  If you happen to have a great use for Zoodles that you think others should know about feel free to leave a comment to this post.

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