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August 24, 2009

5 Great Kid-Approved Reading Games on Zoodles

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Sometimes getting your kids to read can feel a lot like pulling teeth.  After a long day of school, they might try to convince you that “learning time” is over.  So how do we make “learning time” fun again?  How do we make learning so fun that kids don’t even realize they’re learning, and become eager to learn all the time?

Here at Zoodles we realized that we have a TON of information about how to make this possible.  After all, we have a huge number of kids playing in Zoodles every day, and they’re all learning without even knowing it!  We decided to take a deep dive into our data and see what reading games Zoodles kids have been playing on, and which of them have emerged as the tried-and-true Top 5 Most Fun.  For this study, we focused on kids ages 5 – 6, since the early reading experience (in school and at home) is so critical to a child’s academic success and can even predict reading achievement through 6th grade.  The “funness” of a game was determined by how long kids generally spent playing the game.

Let us know if your kids play these, or other, favorites!

1) Save a Baby Dinosaur!


Your child develops the basics in reading sight words while helping the Wonder Pets save a baby triceratops.

Educational value: Book and Print Basics, Early Reading / Phonics, Sight Words, Reading Comprehension, Elements of a Story

2) What’s In the Bag?


Your child develops logic, matching, and vocabulary skills by listening to a series of words and then choosing the object that those words describe.

Educational Value: Vocabulary and Concept Development, Word Meanings

3) ABC Match


Your child develops early reading and memory skills by matching pictures with the first letter of their name.

Educational Value: Early Reading / Phonics, Matching Letters to Sounds, Decoding and Word Recognition, Syllables / Word Parts

4) Lumpy and Roo, and a Mystery Too!


Your child develops reading skills as well as investigation and matching skills by reading along and solving the mystery.

Educational Value: Reading Comprehension, Elements of a Story

5) Word World


Your child develops spelling skills while using letters to build words.

Educational Value: Early Reading / Phonics, Matching letters to sounds, Spelling, Vowels and Consonants

All the Zoodles-approved games listed here are accessible from a 5- or 6-year-old’s Zoodles Toybox!

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